Depending on the endpoint, you could get different error responses. Some might be just informational (for example, a 409 http status code is return for entities already received, which you can use to avoid replays)

All error messages have the following structure

  "error_code": "expired_order",
  "error_msg": "The order has expired and cannot be confirmed"
Error CodeDescriptionHTTP Status
auth_requiredHTTP Authorization failed for the request401
body_parse_errorThe body of the request is an invalid JSON or has invalid/missing required fields400
conflictThe entity you tried to create already exists409
destination_unable_to_receiveThe destination is unable to receive. Either because the account is blocked or simply does not have the product required.400
expired_orderThe order has expired and cannot be confirmed400
full_amount_requiredThe remainder of investment tokens value after the redemptions is below the minimum allowed. Use the full_amount parameter instead to obtain the desired amount plus the remainder400
insufficient_fundsThere are not enough funds to complete the order400
internal_errorUnexpected Internal Server occurred500
invalid_crypto_currency_addressThe crypto currency address provided is not valid400
invalid_destinationThe destination value provided is not valid for the operation400
invalid_order_stateThe order is in a different state than required to process the request400
invalid_parametersThere are missing or invalid parameters in the request. This is a general Bad Request error.400
invalid_quoteThe quote id provided cannot be used to create the order400
invalid_reference_idThe order reference id differs from the provided reference id400
invalid_security_codeThe security code provided for confirmation is not valid.400
invalid_settlement_currencyThe settlement currency provided is not valid for the operation400
method_not_allowedHTTP Method not allowed405
not_foundResource not found404
operation_forbiddenThe operation requested is forbidden403
operation_forbidden_for_customerThe customer is not allowed to execute the operation.403
quote_amount_too_smallCannot generate a buy/sell quote, the resulting amount is too small.400
quote_not_foundQuote not found for the provided quote id400
reference_id_already_existsAn order already exists with the provided reference id400
settlement_requiredSettlement currency parameter is required for this operation400
too_many_invalid_codesToo many attempts to confirm the order with an invalid code.
The order is cancelled.



Descriptions listed here are approximate, you should read the err_msg property in the response body for the actual error reason for the sent request