The Customer resource represents the banking partner's customer / user.

A customer resource has the following properties

FieldDescriptionType / ValuesNotes
idLirium's unique Identification for the Customerstring
created_atCreation timestamp.timestamp
reference_idBanking Partner's unique Identification for the order.stringUp to 64 characters long.
Case sensitive
stateEntity's statestring enumactive | closed | banned | dormant
profileProfile information such as name and addressobjectSee the request and response examples for details
productsAvailable products for the customerobjectExample

{ "code": "crypto_buy_sell", "active": "true", "enabled": true }
data_requiementsData requirements from KYC and/or productsobjectExample

{ "id":"document_id_back", "created":"2020-09-01T11:28:59+00:00", "type":"document", "document_type":"id_back", "status":"pending_submission", "last_updated_at":"2020-09-01T11:28:59+00:00" }