The Customer resource represents the banking partner's customer / user.

A customer resource has the following properties

FieldDescriptionType / ValuesNotes
idLirium's unique Identification for the Customerstring
created_atCreation timestamp.timestamp
reference_idBanking Partner's unique Identification for the order.stringUp to 64 characters long.
Case sensitive
stateEntity's statestring enumapproved, blocked, denied
profileProfile information such as name and addressobjectSee the request and response examples for details
productsAvailable products for the customerobjectExample

{ "code": "crypto_buy_sell", "status": "approved", "enabled": true }
data_requiementsData requirements from KYC and/or productsobjectExample

{ "id":"document_id_back", "created":"2020-09-01T11:28:59+00:00", "type":"document", "document_type":"id_back", "status":"pending_submission", "last_updated_at":"2020-09-01T11:28:59+00:00" }