Operation Nodes

All "operation nodes" ("buy": {},"sell": {}, "swap": {}, "send":{}, "subscribe_investment":{}, "redeem_investment":{}) are mutually exclusive.

See the request examples for clarification


Reference ID

The Reference ID is intended for your internal use. You can set an ID generated in your systems and we will store and return it as part of the order's data.

If a Reference ID is specified when creating an order, it will be used as an idempotency key. The value for this id could be used only once. Attempts to submit already used Reference ID will return an error.

It can be left empty on order initiation and assigned later on order confirmation.
However, when submitted on order initiation, it must not be sent on order confirmation.


Buy / Sell Settlement currency

The parameter is optional if you have only one settlement currency configured.

If you have multiple settlement currencies, then the settlement currency parameter must be specified in all buy and sell orders.


Redeem Investment

The parameter asset.amount is used to specify how much asset.currency should the customer receive in their account after all fees are applied. The calculation of how many investment shares/tokens should be redeemed are calculated.

If the customer wants to redeem all the investment, then the parameter redeem_investment.investment.full_amount should be set to true and asset.amount must not be specified.

The parameter redeem_investment.commission is used to tell Lirium to collect the Partner's commission fee. This is a feature that requires enabling prior to usage.

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